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Check out our in house events

These events are reserved for members of the Philadelphia Curling Club.


If we ended the prior season by pulling the plug, we need to put it back in to start another. This is our seasonal kick-off event where the ice is finally ready and it is time to curl! It is held in October and is available to all club members.

Family Bonspiel

This event is held during the break between Christmas and New Years. The bonspiel is an open format bonspiel with teams made of parents, children, family and friends. This is a great chance to extend the sport of curlering with those close to you.

Silver Mushroom

This event is generally held the first weekend of February. Sixteen to twenty teams compete with competition running from Thursday through Sunday. There are social activities that go along with the event. Prepare to have a great time.


Our lady members conduct the All-American competition every year during the winter draw. The annual competition is a national event which is part of the USWCA. All lady members are automatically eligible for the competition.

Past Presidents

Teams face off in an elimination bracket to determine who gets to play a team comprised of past club presidents. This event is all about bragging rights! The event is held February and is open to all club members.

Club Championships

The Ladies, Mens, Mixed, and Open club championships are completed during the second half of March. The format of the playoffs is different in each league. These games cap off a great season of friendly competition.


This special fundraising event helps Jeff Harris (a PCC member) pay for uninsured medical, maintenance, and other extraordinary expenses associated with his spinal cord injury which rendered him a quadriplegic.


Our members-only closing bonspiel is affectionately called The Pull-the-Plug Bonspiel. This event occurs during the last week of the season (early April). The event is open to all club members and is a great way to end the curling season.

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