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Harvest Mixed Bonspiel History

Previous Bonspiel Winners

The Harvest Mixed Bonspiel has over 40 years of friendly compeition. Each year teams face-off for the chance to be crowned the overall chamption of the bonspiel. Check out the winners from our previous years.

2018 Champions

Ardsley Curling Club - "Tiles and Tribulation"

Position Name
Skip Matthew Gallegos
Vice Sharon Gallegos
Second Tim Klein
Lead Erin Durba
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2017 Champions

Philadelphia Curling Club - "The Force Awakens"

Position Name
Skip Craig MacKinlay
Vice Catie MacKinlay
Second Tom Daly
Lead Tina MacKinlay
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2016 Champions

Bucks County Curling Club - "Let Me Bayou a Drink"

Position Name
Skip Christi Kirchner
Vice Zac Gery
Second Kristen Weiss
Lead Chris Flynn
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2015 Champions

Philadelphia Curling Club - "Skipper Rocks"

Position Name
Skip Craig MacKinlay
Vice Catie MacKinlay
Second Brian Dudt
Lead Tina MacKinlay
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2014 Champions

Plainfield Curling Club - "You Know Nothing Jon Snow"

Position Name
Skip John DeJong
Vice Elizabeth DeJong
Second Aaron Dubberley
Lead Karen DeJong
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2013 Champions

Philadelphia Curling Club - "Three of a Kind + Ken"

Position Name
Skip Craig MacKinlay
Vice Catie MacKinlay
Second Ken Seiverd
Lead Tina MacKinlay

2012 Champions

Nutmeg Curling Club - "Behind the Curtain"

Position Name
Skip Derek Surka
Vice Rebecca Andrew
Second Nate Clark
Lead Charissa Lin

2011 Champions

Broomstones Curling Club - "Broomstones - Leichter"

Position Name
Skip Alex Leichter
Vice Jennifer Leichter
Second Fred Leichter
Lead Pamela Moan

2010 Champions

Potomac Curling Club - "Florin Class of 1987"

Position Name
Skip Jason Sethi
Vice Rachel Sethi
Second Nick Datlowe
Lead Melissa Fox

2009 Champions

Philadelphia Curling Club - "Thunderstones"

Position Name
Skip Craig MacKinlay
Vice Catie MacKinlay
Second Andrew MacKinlay
Lead Tina MacKinlay

2008 Winners & Prior Years

Year Team Skip
2008 Utica D. Palazzoli
2007 Nutmeg/Potomac D. Surka
2006 Potomac D. Surka
2005 Philadelphia I J. Rusek
2004 Potomac I D. Surka
2003 Potomac I D. Surka
2002 Leaside J. Collins
2001 Broomstones L. Holewa
2000 Philadelphia II T. Steiert
1999 Potomac D. Ruton
1998 Philadelphia II T. Steiert
1997 Plainfield/Philadelphia G. Johnson
1996 Philadelphia II T. Steiert
1995 Plainfield I I. McKinley
1994 Philadelphia III T. Steiert
1993 Potomac I T. Waters
1992 Tam Heather B. Petch
1991 Utica M. Kessler
1990 Philadelphia T. Steiert
1989 Hershey II R. Melzer
1988 Weston S. Doyle
1987 Galt C. Johnson
1986 Hershey I J. Shuey
1985 Philadelphia IV T. Steiert
1984 Morden J. Duncan
1983 Hershey II J. Shuey
1982 Bayview P. Matthews
1981 Kettle Moraine J. Maier
1980 Nutmeg II C. Owens
1979 Nutmeg C. Owens
1978 New York Caledonian H. Jasmine

Themes through the Years

The Harvest Mixed Bonspiel has a rich tradition of selecting a theme for the event each year. This theme informs our food selections, activities, costumes, dectorations, and much more. Check out our themes through the years.

2019 To The Moon and Beyond

Harvest To The Moon and Beyond Bonspiel

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2018 Game Night

Harvest Game Night Bonspiel

View Bonspiel

2017 The Year 1977

Harvest Stayin’ Alive Bonspiel

View Bonspiel

2016 New Orleans

Harvest Bon Temps Roulez Spiel

View Bonspiel

2015 Bon Voyage

Harvest Swept Away Bon Voyage Spiel

View Bonspiel

2014 Game of Thrones

Harvest Game of Stones Bonspiel - Winter is Coming

View Bonspiel

2013 Las Vegas

Harvest Bonspiel Vegas Rocks!

2012 Wizard of Oz

Harvest Wizard of Oz Bonspiel

2011 Octoberfest

Harvest Bonspiel Novemberfest

2010 Homecoming

Harvest Homecoming Bonspiel

2009 James Bond

Harvest Bondspiel

2008 Themes & Prior Years

Year Theme
2008 Legends of Rock
2007 Harry Potter
2006 - 1977 These themes have been lost to time
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